Thursday, May 12, 2011

Lion & Unicorn Staircase

In the old Glasgow University campus which used to reside on the High Street in the city centre, there was a well known staircase called, as you may have guessed, the Lion and Unicorn staircase. When the university was moved to its current location, parts of the old university were moved - such as the main gates and this staircase. And just today I discovered where it was - just beyond the beautiful memorial chapel!
The staircase in the old university.

The unicorn (with the memorial chapel beyond it).

I like the face beneath the lion's claws.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Shop Windows

This first photograph is from last week, when I was wandering around the city centre. I just couldn't resist taking a picture of this outfit! It looks so dashing, and somehow Victorian. If Sherlock Holmes had ever done any investigations in Scotland, he might have encountered someone wearing this outfit.

I must add, too, that just a few days later Rachel and I were walking down Great Western Road when we saw a man in a kilt. After we passed him, I asked her what she thought of men in kilts - if it was a good thing. "Oh, yeah!" she replied enthusiastically. I was so glad we agreed on that!

This next item I saw in shop window ONE DAY after the Royal Wedding!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Petals are unfolding: May Day in the Botanic Gardens

I discovered yesterday that the gates to the Botanic Gardens open at 7. So though the sun had long since risen (at about 5:30 I believe, not that I was awake to witness it) I awoke a little before 7 and got myself ready to go celebrate May Day in the Botanic Gardens. I felt sure I could walk around bare-foot and sing May songs, and not disturb anyone.

Of course, the many birds and the squirrels were already out celebrating with song and chatter. It was a beautiful morning (and the temperature was about 47 degrees).
Mostly pigeons were gathered beneath the tree, but there was one seagull and a magpie.

Can you see the squirrel poking his head out?

The Squirrel Nutkin variety, which one sees all over in Glasgow: just a short stub of tail. He came out to wish me a Happy May Day.

My favourite chestnut tree in the Botanic Gardens.

Someone else out early enjoying the beautiful morning.

A variety of thistle, I believe.

Just as I was leaving an interesting fellow came in and said that I must be the fairy god mother. I denied this, but he replied, "Oh, aye. Ye mus' be!" and walked off.