Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Dovile's Birthday

The day after the Linlithgow tour was Dovile's birthday. It was also a Sunday. Josephine came over in the morning with a beautiful cake, and we all went to church together. It was a gorgeous day.

Josephine's Cake

Rachel, Dovile, Josephine & myself.

After Church, Dovile walked back with us to pick up her stuff at our flat. We walked through the Botanic Gardens for an impromptu photo-shoot! 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Return to Ghosty Linlithgow!

I decided that one of my new Halloween traditions had to be to go to the ghost tour put on at Linlithgow palace every Halloween. It was a shame that James & Alice - Rachel's siblings - couldn't come again this year. But Dovile came along, and it was very good! I was not disappointed. In fact, the tour seemed a shade more serious than it was last year, which was definitely an improvement. 
(if you're curious to compare, here is a link to my post last year about the tour: )

It was a dark, dark night!

Getting scared!

I mean, excited! 

Who is the shadowy figure ambling towards us?

The palace, with atmospheric lighting.

A glimpse of empty rooms.

A plague doctor peering in at one of the windows. He haunted our steps for much of the tour.

The fountain as seen through cobwebs.

Preparing Agnes (the witch) for burning! I think it was this part of the tour that was not as light-hearted as last year, which indeed, it shouldn't be!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Slow & steady: Dress Progress

I don't know if I mentioned this on my blog, but we had a set-back with the historic dress that Sis. Hicks is helping me sew. She deemed it wise to unpick the bodice - including the lining. Miraculously enough, she sewed it back together, and progress was able to go ahead. On Friday we finished both sleeves and they are both safely attached to the bodice! What a joyful moment. Next Friday we'll work on the waist-band and the skirt. 

Busy at work!

Trying on the bodice (you can glimpse my stays in the bottom of the picture!)

The bodice with one sleeve attached. 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

FHE: Gearing up for Halloween!

Oh, no. I've gotten behind again in my posts. This was FHE last week. I've been taking over the activities all during October, and doing vaguely Halloweenish things all month long! This particular Monday I baked a pumpkin cake (with chocolate frosting) and brought it along. We had a very jolly night, as usual! 
My pumpkin cake! I had some pumpkin candies my mum sent me to decorate! 

My wee second cake.

Decorations on the dinner table!

My new skeleton t-shirt!

Ooh! It glows in the dark!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Sunday Antics!

So, I feel like we're quite boring in the states. In both Utah and NY, when a girl leaves primary and joins Young Women (when she turns 12), we usually welcome her gently, give her the Personal Progress books, and call it a day. Not so here! They put on a show - so-to-speak. I've been told of a time that the young woman has been crowned, and carried on her chair from the primary room to the YW room. Wow! On Sunday (my first Sunday as YW Pres.) my 1st councillor put together some things: a graduation hat & 'gown' (i.e., bin bag!), a scroll, a chocolate bar, and other such things. The young women each chose something and went to the primary room & presented Phillipa (Patsy's daughter) with all these things. It was great fun!

Pippa (Phillipa) joining Young Women.
 This Sunday was also Patsy Dinner. So of course, there was lots of good fun! Patsy made some moustache chocolates for her upcoming Halloween party (can't wait for that one!) and gave one to Kirsty (who is mad keen on moustaches lately). Also got some pictures of Miranda & Pippa doing some amateur theatricals. Always a good time at Patsy's! 

Kirsty & her moustache in Patsy's kitchen. Scott (Patsy's husband), in the background, is doing dishes. 

The amateur theatricals! I'm not really sure what they were acting out. Some of the things that Patsy's daughters get up to remind me of things I used to do when I was wee. Such fun!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Rosslyn Chapel & Castle

I'm sorry it has been so long since I last posted. I was struck with a reluctance to do so, which is quite silly!

Last Saturday, I was invited to go to Rosslyn Chapel. A fellow that I met at the Perth branch in August asked me if I'd like to go along. He wanted to see the chapel as he was a big fan of "The Da Vinci Code". As I like going to historical places, I thought I might as well accept the offer of an outing.

Though, before going any further, I must state a few things first. I had been to Rosslyn Chapel before, eleven years ago with my mother, my aunt Dianne & our friend Celia. We went on the recommendation of my dad, and it had nothing to  do with the Da Vinci Code. Also, I still haven't read the book, or seen the film. 

One of the gargoyles. Last time I went, we took many pictures inside the chapel. Now you're not allowed to! It's a shame, as the interior is famously ornate and beautiful.

Darren outside the chapel.

Me, likewise outside the chapel.

The path leading to the ruined castle.

The Castle.

A glimpse of the house (probably 16th C.) which was built within the ruins of the castle.

A bench on the path.

The bench. I love that tree behind it!

After Rosslyn Chapel & Castle, we went to the Edinburgh Dungeons - a glorified spook alley incorporating Scottish history. It was great fun. It's odd, though. I've still never seen Edinburgh properly, I feel. I just have little brushes with it here and there. Well, some day.

The sunset as seen from the train on my way back to Glasgow.