Sunday, July 29, 2012

Mostly about a dress

So, for my birthday I was pining for an old dress - a reproduction from some era or other. Heather discovered that she'd started an 1830s dress years and years ago, and wasn't likely to finish it, so she sent it my way. And I've now been working on it with Sis Hicks. We can only meet up once a week, and so it's somewhat slow going, but I am enjoying it so far! 

One of my favourite views from Renfrew Street.

Also seen on Renfrew St. (en route to the fabric shop to get sewing accoutrements!)

The sleeve is pinned! Ooh! Just to see how it will look...

Pinning the piping on the dress.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Lunching in a Roman Bath

A railway bridge we walked beneath. I thought it was covered with trees, but on the way back we saw a train going across, and I waved to the conductor - and he waved back! It was fabulous!

Rachel & I decided to walk to Milngavie on Wednesday, via the Kelvin Walkway. The instructions we had printed out were faulty (or we read them wrong) and we lost the Kelvin Walkway just outside Bearsden. So, we walked along Maryhill Road towards Bearsden. We saw signs for a Roman Bath house, and decided we would have our lunch there. We had brought sandwiches, fruit, crackers and other such things for a picnic lunch. 

We explored the ruins of the bath house, and had a lovely, leisurely lunch (in the shade, by the old Roman latrine!) and enjoyed relaxing for awhile before we walked back. The original plan had been to walk to Milngavie then get the train home, but we decided instead to just walk back and be home in plenty of time to get ready for institute. 

All in all, it was probably a 8.5 mile round trip journey. And a very pleasant one too!

Sitting in a Roman bath!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pioneer Day FHE

So, as the 24 of July is Pioneer day (a significant day for Utah Mormons - the day the pioneers reached Utah) we decided we'd celebrate it for FHE. I had hoped my 1830s dress might be miraculously finished by then (Heather mailed me a dress that she started making eons ago, so that I could finish it off with the help of Sis. Hicks), but as it was not, I wore one of my generically 'old fashioned' dresses with my stays underneath. I was hoping that it would be a close approximation to a dress from around 1818. Not that that's very pioneer-ish at all, as the pioneers arrived in Utah in 1847. 

Before leaving for the church: my early 1800s hair-do.

a side view.

Ian, unfortunately, wasn't able to come. He was supposed to make fried rice, and for this reason we had invited the Duncanson's. Agnes Duncanson is mad keen to get Ian to show her how to make a proper fried rice. However, we did have plenty of food! Sister Hicks made gorgeous fried chicken, baked beans & cornbread. Rachel made soup (with leeks, carrots & potatoes). Josephine made chicken & paneer skewers with lovely asian spices, I made oat cakes (a sweet recipe, almost like flapjacks), and Agnes made a lovely citrus cheesecake. So we had quite a feast! 

Josephine, who has amazing energy, made yarn dolls as favours for everyone!

Josephine, Sis. Hicks & myself. Can't you tell that I'm wearing stays?
Josephine made the bonnet that Sis. Hicks is wearing!

Josephine made personalised dolls for the Hicks, Rachel, the Elders & myself. This one is mine -with a super full skirt. Josephine saw the 1830s dress that Sis Hicks & I are working on, and indeed, it has a *very* full skirt!
 After the meal, we had our lesson, which mostly was each of us telling family stories - whether we had 'pioneers' or not in our family history. And after that we made home-made ice-cream! In bags! It was noisy and uproariously jolly. 

Getting the ingredients together. Ice & rock-salt in an outer bag, cream, milk, sugar & vanilla in the inner bag.

Rachel explaining what salt does to ice.

Elder Hicks pouring out the salt.

sealing up the bags!


Agnes giving it a try.

Sis Hicks with Alice, an investigator.

The ice-cream!

Rachel giving it a shake.

Shake harder! 

Ice cream and toppings!

Josephine and her ice-cream.