Sunday, July 22, 2012

Another FHE & a sunset

Last week at family home evening, we had an unexpectedly large group of people (more than four, which is our usual number lately, it seems). This was a good thing, as Josephine had planned an amazing and elaborate treasure hunt, which required two teams. I took quite a few pictures of her treasure map, because it was so impressive!
The map up on the board

The map.


We had a riotously good time running about the church searching for our clues. The work that Josephine put into it was really impressive!

I left just before ten o'clock to meet up with Reta (from work) to give her the keys, so that I could have the next two days off (lovely!) and there was a gorgeous sunset - at ten o'clock at night! I took a few pictures.

Sunset over Julian Avenue.

Looking up into the boughs of a Linden tree. Glorious!

The view out my window, just after ten.

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  1. Wow, I somehow missed this post of yours! Looks like a fun time at FHE (Josephine needs to get baptized!) And the sunset is lovely! I love those late sunsets in summer, in Scotland. :)