Tuesday, May 29, 2012

With cat-like tread

The Pirate Adventures continued!

The next directions on our map told us to 'Commandeer a skiff and traverse across ye dangerous waters of ye Clyde'. Well, we didn't exactly commandeer a skiff per se, but we did take the ferry across the river over to Govan, and on towards the church, where our map told us we should, 'Pay tribute to yon fallen comrades for luck'.

Aye, matey. And so we did.

Walking to the ferry

On the ferry

The tall ship and the Riverside museum from the ferry.

Fallen Comrades - we determined this by the skulls and cross-bones (I know, they're not really pirates buried here, but for the sake of our adventure we pretended).

Me investigating an intriguing, hollowed-out tree.

Do you see the crow in flight?

A city council boat doing clean-up work.

A lovely swan family.

Monday, May 28, 2012

The Pirate in me turned a blind eye

This might sound ridiculous, but Rachel and I concocted a plan to play pirates for a day - to make a 'Treasure Map' and everything, and go about some places in the west end pretending that we were pirates searching for things. Luckily Julia joined in the spirit of this completely! We even went to a toyshop (the absolutely enchanting 'Sentry Box' just off Byres Road) and bought piratey things: eye-patches, temporary tattoos and the like. We all had a *very* jolly time!
I got all excited about making a treasure map and drew it. I had lots of help with the directions and the footprints from Rachel & Julia!


My Pirate 'tattoos'

Julia's duelling tattoos.

Rachel's tattoos.

Come friends who plough the sea...

Beside the Clyde

Our first destination. The instructions on our map read:
"40 paces, 3 strides and a breadth south. Pass through the haunted tunnel (to) Ye Talle Shippe"
(otherwise known as The Tall Ship)

Rachel pulling her weight.

Through a ship porthole...

Comfy sleeping arrangements!


I'm not sure what these baskets were for, but I was exceedingly fond of them!

Julia walking the plank!

We all gave it a try!

Rachel & I climbed into one of the baskets.

Rachel contemplating the high seas

Well, if Rachel can contemplate, I thought we should all give it a try.

Rachel using the old-fashioned rice lever (pulley?)

A view of Govan on the other side of the Clyde

I quite liked this room - especially the cat!

Ooh! Nautical instruments

We were quite convinced that here sat a real-life pirate!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Glasgow City Chambers

This past week, Rachel's American friend Julia visited us. Rachel met her in Aberdeen a couple years back, when Julia was on a semester abroad in Aberdeen. She was a really lovely girl and it was very nice getting to know her.
So, call me stupid, but I hadn't really realised till recently that one can get a free tour through the city chambers (George square, across the street from the 1st World War monument). So, Rachel and I thought it might be a nice place to take Julia.

In the entrance halls and foyer

A sign in Gaelic! Yay!

The fancy marble staircase

A lion guarding the floor above, which includes the Lord Provosts office (which is currently a woman). It's said to be good luck to rub his nose - so of course we all did! 

The door of the Lord Provosts office

Julia sitting in the Lord Provosts chair

Rachel doing likewise, with a serious expression!

And me!

A closeup of the bird, the tree, the fish and the bell

A view of George Square

Beautiful wallpaper!

St Mungo

St Mungo

Glasgow fair, 15th (?) century as imagined by the artist

another view of the Mungo panel

Brass chandeliers! Imagine polishing THOSE!

a panel commemorating ship building in Glasgow

Embossed leather wallpaper

After the city chambers, we went along the Kelvin Walkway. It was very lovely!
My new favourite tree along the Kelvin walkway.