Saturday, March 31, 2012

Dunnottar: leaving the castle

I walked down to the pebbly beach.

To my right there seemed to be a sort-of cave. I gingerly stepped across the pebbles to get a closer look.

The mouth of the cave. This is as close as I got. I was overcome with a sense of fear and dread, and felt that if I took one step into the cave I'd be swallowed up entirely. So I peered in, turned around and climbed back up the hill.

Walking into the village.

This picture hung in the local museum. I love to think of people in a past age dressing up in an even earlier age! 

Just happened to walk by this place. This plaque was on the house pictured below.


Waiting for the train back to Glasgow.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Dunnottar: inside the castle, part 3

Glaswegian forms of expression spring to mind when I think of the amount of pictures I took at this place. They might say, "I took pure hun'reds of photos!" And indeed, I did!

This small room was called the 'Thief's Hole" 16th/17th century.

This room was restored in honour of the crown jewels of Scotland being preserved.

This was over a fireplace in one of the later buildings.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dunnottar: inside the castle, part 2

When I was last in the castle, I didn't take that many pictures, and there are none with me in them, sadly. So I was determined this time round to get lots of photos - hopefully I didn't over-do it! (I may have, there will have to be a part three!)

I am always so intrigued by doorways and rooms to which there is no access

I am assuming these pieces of masonry are from the old chapel? 

This as well - it looks as though it was a cross. 

The blacksmiths. There was a large stable for horses, therefore a smithy was needed in the castle.

The stables.

The chapel. There was an earlier one - 13th century - a small portion of which was incorporated into this later one (16th or 17th century)

A view of the castle grounds from inside the chapel (towards the smithy and the keep).

These were on either side of the door just inside the chapel,

and I found them quite interesting. 

A window in the chapel. I wonder what kind of glass it used to have.

The enormous well. There is a metal gate around it now, and I'm not so sure it was there when I visited the castle in 2001.

I believe this was in the kitchen. It looks rather nice, like a sort-of sink.