Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dunnottar: inside the castle, part 2

When I was last in the castle, I didn't take that many pictures, and there are none with me in them, sadly. So I was determined this time round to get lots of photos - hopefully I didn't over-do it! (I may have, there will have to be a part three!)

I am always so intrigued by doorways and rooms to which there is no access

I am assuming these pieces of masonry are from the old chapel? 

This as well - it looks as though it was a cross. 

The blacksmiths. There was a large stable for horses, therefore a smithy was needed in the castle.

The stables.

The chapel. There was an earlier one - 13th century - a small portion of which was incorporated into this later one (16th or 17th century)

A view of the castle grounds from inside the chapel (towards the smithy and the keep).

These were on either side of the door just inside the chapel,

and I found them quite interesting. 

A window in the chapel. I wonder what kind of glass it used to have.

The enormous well. There is a metal gate around it now, and I'm not so sure it was there when I visited the castle in 2001.

I believe this was in the kitchen. It looks rather nice, like a sort-of sink.


  1. That is amazing Mairi- what an great history. All your posts are great.

  2. Wow!!! I really need to visit this castle. Your photos are amazing!!