Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dunnottar: inside the castle, part 1

When we went to Dunnottar before, I think it was near closing time, and some time in late September or early October, and no one else was there. That wasn't the case today. Despite the mist, there were other tourists about. But not so many as to mar the experience. I realise this sounds very misanthropic of me, but I always enjoy having places to myself. And chilly Scottish castles really *should* be visited in solitude!
The castle emerging a little more out of the mist.

The tunnel as seen from the land approach to the castle.

Climbing up the stairs to the castle.

This was a partial spiral-staircase that was blocked by a little black gate. I was stunned by the bright green - is that mould? Lichen?

There were seagulls *everywhere* and often wheeled around crying and screaming.

The view from one of the windows in the keep

Me sitting in the window seat of said window. It was my favourite spot in the keep - it had a real "feeling" to it.

Another window with window seats. Quite inaccessible, though!

Through the window again.

Me in the window again! 

The window seat, without me sitting in it this time.


  1. I LOVE the first photo in this post!! This place looks soooo wonderful!!! I really need to go there. You were so lucky that it was a foggy day--what atmosphere that must have lent to your visit!

  2. I love that view from the window down to the beach!!! I miss going places like that!!

  3. That first picture is stunning! And I love your hair! :-) I agree that Scottish castles should be visited in solitude. It looks like you had a lovely visit to this one.