Wednesday, March 7, 2012

To Alexandria and back

Alexandria is a town not far from Loch Lomond. By train, it takes a little over half an hour to get there. Rachel works there at a pharmacy every Saturday. So, last Saturday I ventured forth and visited Alexandria. I helped Rachel pick out a colour to dye her hair, and I bought a few things myself. We went to a little cafe where I had lunch (Rachel only had time for a cup of herbal tea before going back to work). I wandered around a little, then went back home to Glasgow.

There's a fountain in Alexandria, called The Smollett fountain, which was erected in 1870 in honour of Alexander Smollett, Laird of Bonhill, and MP from 1841 to 1859. The site of the fountain was occupied by an old oak tree until 1865, and was a site used for making speeches.

Details on the fountain: dog-like gargoyles

I love the heron atop the fountain.

I was fascinated by these fellows. I wasn't sure if they were crows or not, on account of the fleshy bit at the top of their beaks. When I got home and looked it up, I found out that these are Rooks! I am thrilled now to have seen ravens (which are HUGE), hooded crows, jackdaws, and now rooks!

Aren't they grand?

On the way back to Glasgow. This is approaching Bowling Rail Station.

Bowling is intriguing for all the derelict boats that languish in the water.

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  1. What a fun outing! The rooks are beautiful. And I loved the pictures of the river, and the old, rotting boats!