Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Temple Church and such

Still in London! My goodness, I hadn't realised I took so many pictures. I was able to get into the lane that leads to the Temple church, but it was locked after that, so getting out was rather more interesting and circuitous.
The beautiful doorway. I'm not sure, but I think it may be original, or if not, very early. And just for the record, I visited the Temple Church before The DaVinci Code became popular! So there!


Isn't this a lovely wee figure?

The Temple Church.

Meandering around trying to get out.

This put me strongly in mind of Eugene & Mortimer in OUR MUTUAL FRIEND.

The Thames

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Oranges & Lemons

Say the Bells of St Clements...

Something I just happened upon in my wanderings.

St Clement's Danes Church.

I hope this photo is readable - click on it to make it larger. It gives a history of the church.

I assumed this was some of the damage from WWII still visible. 

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Wandering the streets of London

After leaving the museum, I decided I would just relax and wander around. I wanted to enjoy London, and not run helter-skelter.
Temple Bar! For hundreds of years there was  a gate of some sort where Fleet Street becomes The Strand. The present structure was designed by Wren, and traitors heads used to be put on spikes on the top of the gate. It was moved in the late 1800's to a park, where it languished until it was brought back to London in 2004 near its original home. It was quite a thrill to see this bit of history back in London!

A statue commemorating Dr Johnson's cat. I have seen Dr Johnson's house before, but somehow missed the cat statue in my previous visit.

Home of the amazing "brain box" Dr Johnson.

Inside St Dunstan's, a church along Fleet Street

St Dunstan's 

Also St Dunstan's

A statue of Dr Johnson, on the back side of St Clements Danes Church.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Catching up: London in May

On my way to New York I spent a day in London. It had been eight years since my last visit there. I decided to go to The Museum of London, which I had never visited previously. It was a fabulous museum. I took A LOT of photos at said museum, here are only a few of the highlights:
Bone items: a spindle-whorl, a shuttle and a pin from Anglo-Saxon London

A skull and some charred bits & bobs (coins, grain & pottery) from when Boudicca sacked London!!

A toy knight, circa 1300. Who knew they had toy soldiers even back then?!

Leather bottles and other such things, Medieval. 

Hairnet and wire for head-gear, 15th Century

Jumping forward several hundred years - a lovely 20's gown.

1910's gown.

This and the following picture are lovely paintings of London.

A dress made for Elizabeth II coronation.

Detail, as well as a toy set sold at the occasion as well.

A 1960's Beatles dress!

I came across this just down the road from the museum.

Lovely St Paul's cathedral, also very close to the museum.