Saturday, December 31, 2011

The fox at the church

I was able to get copies of some of the pictures that the Stowers (the missionary couple) took of our church fox. They had left out some dog food to see if he (she?) would come around, and indeed, he was lured away from his favourite corner, and came and ate some food.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

In the air there's a feeling of Christmas

Some pictures of the City Centre bedecked in Holiday cheer.

George Square.  This was on a Tuesday when Rachel & I met up with Winnie. We were going to go on some of the rides, but there was such violent wind, that the whole place was temporarily shut down!

Walking to Winnie & Alison's flat - I took this for Heather. The Barras - with xmas decorations!

This was a nativity inside the Glasgow Cathedral.

Christmas trees inside the Cathedral.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Winnies!

One night, after leaving FHE, Rachel, Amy and I somehow concocted the idea to have an awards ceremony - and give out silly awards to everyone, and have a big celebration before Winnie went back to China. As one wins awards at award ceremonies, and as it was in honour of Winnie, we came up with the idea of calling them the Winnies.

So, on 12th of December, we had them. We had told everyone to dress up. Well, some people did. But in my usual fashion, I dressed up a little too much! Hah! My teenage self would have been proud of me. Over-dressing used to be one of my favourite things to do!

Lately at FHE, there have been foxes around the church. This one likes to curl up right next to the building.

Our festive table.

Having fun on the red carpet!

I told them about a photo a friend of ours (Todd Messinger) took once, and they loved the idea and we took our own version!

Making the "awards": frosted cupcakes! 

Amy on the red carpet!

Amy announcing Winnie's award.

Winnie on the red carpet!

Sister Stowers on the red carpet!

Elder Stowers performing a musical piece on his harmonica. 

Alison on the red carpet.

Rachel singing a Christmas song (I sang a song also - in Gaelic, but am not posting a picture, as it was fuzzy)

Myself on said red carpet.

Elder Stowers on the red carpet.

Winnie performing a string trick.

Rachel on the red carpet.

Amy on the red carpet.

Sister Stowers performing a piano piece.

Elliot on the red carpet.

Some of us with our fancy cups (as seen in an earlier photo)

Monday, December 26, 2011

Katie's last night

Snow on the road, as seen from my window.

By the Christmas tree.
Katie had been saying for days that she wanted it to snow! (Not something the Glaswegians would have agreed with her about) The night before she left, it did snow - just a tiny bit.

The next day the missionary couple took us to the airport - plenty early, so that Katie wouldn't miss her flight (as she did when she was visiting Morag in Las Vegas!)

Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Cathedral, Football & Fish & Chips!

The Saturday before Katie left, there was a football match on. Actually, there were two! Two in one day, both in Glasgow. That seemed a bit silly to me. However, we were not going to the big fancy one at Ibrox (I think it was a Celtic game). Those can get a little out of hand, and besides, I try not to support either of the two warring teams in Glasgow. Celtics are associated with being Catholic. The Rangers are Protestant. It certainly is interesting... No, Katie and I went to a local team, Partick Thistle. As Partick is sort-of the Gaelic district of Glasgow, I feel happy supporting them.

Before going to the game, however, we went into the city to see Glasgow Cathedral, and the oldest house in Glasgow, which is right across the street.

It was very cold and rainy at the football match, and so we rushed home in order to get warm, and we got some tasty (and FRESH!) Fish & Chips to enjoy! It was a jolly day.

I was excited to notice some things in the cathedral I hadn't seen before, like this Mungo stained glass window!

detail: notice the birds at the top, and of course, the tree.

Behind Katie is the oldest house in Glasgow.

Katie on MacLeod Street!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

It's Christmas time in the city!

So, as is the old family tradition, I decided that Katie & I could get a Christmas tree on December 2nd - my dad's birthday! So, we walked down to a shop on Great Western Road, but the trees there were too expensive. So we went to the place on the corner of Byres Road & Great George Street, where I went last year, and we bought a tree! We then walked home and put it up! Hurray! I was so happy to have Katie with me - especially as she figured out my wonky lights and helped to decorate it most beautifully!

Walking along Byres Road with our tree!

The tree! It was very crooked at first and we had to fix it!

Some of my Christmas decorations! (note the framed picture of Michael Fassbender to the left. Katie brought this along with her! (there are actually 2, but only one is visible)

The tree all decorated!

Having some hot chocolate after decorating the tree!