Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Winnies!

One night, after leaving FHE, Rachel, Amy and I somehow concocted the idea to have an awards ceremony - and give out silly awards to everyone, and have a big celebration before Winnie went back to China. As one wins awards at award ceremonies, and as it was in honour of Winnie, we came up with the idea of calling them the Winnies.

So, on 12th of December, we had them. We had told everyone to dress up. Well, some people did. But in my usual fashion, I dressed up a little too much! Hah! My teenage self would have been proud of me. Over-dressing used to be one of my favourite things to do!

Lately at FHE, there have been foxes around the church. This one likes to curl up right next to the building.

Our festive table.

Having fun on the red carpet!

I told them about a photo a friend of ours (Todd Messinger) took once, and they loved the idea and we took our own version!

Making the "awards": frosted cupcakes! 

Amy on the red carpet!

Amy announcing Winnie's award.

Winnie on the red carpet!

Sister Stowers on the red carpet!

Elder Stowers performing a musical piece on his harmonica. 

Alison on the red carpet.

Rachel singing a Christmas song (I sang a song also - in Gaelic, but am not posting a picture, as it was fuzzy)

Myself on said red carpet.

Elder Stowers on the red carpet.

Winnie performing a string trick.

Rachel on the red carpet.

Amy on the red carpet.

Sister Stowers performing a piano piece.

Elliot on the red carpet.

Some of us with our fancy cups (as seen in an earlier photo)

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