Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tantallon Castle itself!

So, we finally reached the castle, if I remember correctly between half past three and a quarter to four. The guide told us we didn't have much time, as it would be getting dark, and we should be out of the castle by 4:20 at the latest! Suffice it to say, we were the only ones there! I can't tell you how glorious it was to have the castle to ourselves! It made exploring and scampering about so much better. It's so much easier to get a feeling for a place if you're not surrounded by other people (as I fear we were at Stirling. It was very busy!)

Approaching the castle. The grass was a bit muddy, which made it a bit slippy. Katie took off her shoes, and I think had a much better time of it.

There were many such places in the castle - old rooms within the wall that had been bricked up, or passages leading to spiral staircases that had fallen into disrepair in the 16th century

A view of the sea from inside the castle

One of the disused staircases

I thought this was beautiful of Katie - taking a picture!

I love the way this came out with the light behind Katie.

Getting dusky.
After we left the castle, we walked to a large Tesco we'd spotted when we reached the road to the castle, and bought some stuff to eat (food & a lot of sweets). We were cold, tired, and hungry! We walked back down the lane that lead to the road that ran along the beach (in the dark, past abandoned houses!!!) and though it was dark, we walked along the beach and gathered shells and sea stones (my wee, cheap mobile phone had a flashlight on it!). Then we made our way to the train station - and just in time! We got inside the train and gratefully sat down in the warmth and light and not five minutes later the train pulled out of the station back to Glasgow. What a day!!!

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