Saturday, December 24, 2011

It's Christmas time in the city!

So, as is the old family tradition, I decided that Katie & I could get a Christmas tree on December 2nd - my dad's birthday! So, we walked down to a shop on Great Western Road, but the trees there were too expensive. So we went to the place on the corner of Byres Road & Great George Street, where I went last year, and we bought a tree! We then walked home and put it up! Hurray! I was so happy to have Katie with me - especially as she figured out my wonky lights and helped to decorate it most beautifully!

Walking along Byres Road with our tree!

The tree! It was very crooked at first and we had to fix it!

Some of my Christmas decorations! (note the framed picture of Michael Fassbender to the left. Katie brought this along with her! (there are actually 2, but only one is visible)

The tree all decorated!

Having some hot chocolate after decorating the tree!

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  1. I'm so glad Katie was there to share this with you. Looks like you had a grand time together, and the tree is absolutely lovely!!