Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Cathedral, Football & Fish & Chips!

The Saturday before Katie left, there was a football match on. Actually, there were two! Two in one day, both in Glasgow. That seemed a bit silly to me. However, we were not going to the big fancy one at Ibrox (I think it was a Celtic game). Those can get a little out of hand, and besides, I try not to support either of the two warring teams in Glasgow. Celtics are associated with being Catholic. The Rangers are Protestant. It certainly is interesting... No, Katie and I went to a local team, Partick Thistle. As Partick is sort-of the Gaelic district of Glasgow, I feel happy supporting them.

Before going to the game, however, we went into the city to see Glasgow Cathedral, and the oldest house in Glasgow, which is right across the street.

It was very cold and rainy at the football match, and so we rushed home in order to get warm, and we got some tasty (and FRESH!) Fish & Chips to enjoy! It was a jolly day.

I was excited to notice some things in the cathedral I hadn't seen before, like this Mungo stained glass window!

detail: notice the birds at the top, and of course, the tree.

Behind Katie is the oldest house in Glasgow.

Katie on MacLeod Street!

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