Tuesday, May 29, 2012

With cat-like tread

The Pirate Adventures continued!

The next directions on our map told us to 'Commandeer a skiff and traverse across ye dangerous waters of ye Clyde'. Well, we didn't exactly commandeer a skiff per se, but we did take the ferry across the river over to Govan, and on towards the church, where our map told us we should, 'Pay tribute to yon fallen comrades for luck'.

Aye, matey. And so we did.

Walking to the ferry

On the ferry

The tall ship and the Riverside museum from the ferry.

Fallen Comrades - we determined this by the skulls and cross-bones (I know, they're not really pirates buried here, but for the sake of our adventure we pretended).

Me investigating an intriguing, hollowed-out tree.

Do you see the crow in flight?

A city council boat doing clean-up work.

A lovely swan family.

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