Sunday, May 27, 2012

Just a few things around Glasgow

There are, I suppose, quite a few ways of walking into the city centre from the west end. In days of yore I used to end up on Sauchiehall Street, or maybe St Vincent Street. But these days I have discovered my favourite way of walking into the city: this is via Renfrew Street (did I post the Beethoven picture earlier in my blog? That was on Renfrew St). It's easy, from where I live, to take Woodlands Road, where one can either wait ages for the lights to change, and criss-cross your way across the motorway, or you can go on the footbridge which avoids all the traffic and safely deposits you on Renfrew Street. I of course, prefer the latter. 

One of my favourite sights on Renfrew St - the window in an antique store.

Almost to Great Western Road - the Kelvin

The old (derelict) railroad station.

The bridge on Great Western Road from below - near the old train station

This one is for Heather. She got me started on a Medieval Mystery series set in Glasgow (before I ever moved here!) and there's a rascally character in it whose last name is Doig. I always thought it was an odd name, so I was delighted the first time I saw one of these busses about town. 


  1. Thanks!! Isn't that crazy--it is such an odd name.

  2. Pretty! I wouldn't mind a walk like that myself! Ooh, you'll have to tell me the name of the series. I love historical mysteries!