Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Traveling North

Ever so often Aberdeen puts together a YSA ward, as they call it - where any YSA that are around are invited to come up and spend a day together, and go to church together, and there is food afterwards. As Rachel lived in Aberdeen for a time, she likes to go up to these, and has gone to several in the past. This time, I went with her (this was on the 22nd of April). We took the train up - oh, I *do* love traveling by train!

Before going to the church, we met up with Rachel's good friend and former flat-mate Lauma, from Latvia. She had baked Rachel a gorgeous cake - a late birthday present for her. 

It was an enjoyable day - I had a headache all the while, though, which took away some of the enjoyment I might have had. 

Lauma & Rachel - and the lovely cake!

The man on the train punched our tickets with a darling train-shaped stamp!
In Aberdeen, with our friend Heather Currie. 

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