Thursday, May 3, 2012

To welcome in the May!

I confess that on the 1st of May, I did not go a-maying. I worked in the morning, so I postponed it till the 2nd of May (I felt justified, after all, the Cornish don't go Maying until the 2nd). In any case, this year Rachel came along with me, which was really nice. We walked around the Botanic Gardens, smelled the blossoms, sat and talked for a while, and I even sang a snatch of a May-day song. It was really lovely. It wasn't as warm as it was last year, but it was a beautiful morning.

Another of those spring figures in the trees - this time a bird!

Rachel smelling the blossoms

Smelling the blossoms

Monkey-puzzle tree!

A squirrel in the weeping willow

A blackbird, searching for worms.