Friday, June 1, 2012

Our cautious way we feel

Julia let me use some of her photos, which came out better than mine (or in this case, she took a picture of something that I didn't!) This is the ferry we took across the Clyde.

Our next destination was Fossil Grove (situated within Victoria Park) which was a good-ish walk away. And the grove closes at 4:00 every day. So, we threw caution to the winds (as pirates do) and hired (um, I mean commandeered!) a taxi that took us to the park, so we would make it to the grove before it closed.

Or really, we followed our treasure map, which told us to take '63 paces west along ye Dum Barton's way, head north fromm Olde Gibbs tavern thru the west land. Follow the sound of groaning and wailing. Speak in nigh but whispers lest ye be curs'd.'

A tree in the Park

One of the trees of Fossil Grove, enclosed within a building. It is  a credit to the people who found the grove when the park was being built that they did not destroy the grove, but kept it in situ. 

The floor of an ancient, fossilised forrest. 

A fallen tree trunk on the left

Another stump with roots reaching out.

Another (or the same?) fallen log.

Some information about the extinct trees.

An artists depiction of what the grove may have looked like.

It was a very intriguing place, and indeed, we did speak in whispers.

A handy board which explains the process of fossilisation.

A photo from the time the grove was discovered.

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  1. Wow! How cool is that! I didn't know there was anything like that in Scotland. I would have spoken in whispers too. Something that old deserves whispers, I think. :-)