Monday, June 4, 2012

Coming home across the briny sea

After enjoying the beauty of the park, we made our way back to the flat - detouring to the Kelvin Walkway for some nautical adventures before relaxing at home.
'Eh, what's this?' you say, having seen this picture before. But this is one of Julia's, and it came out much clearer than mine. Also, I am reminded that we came up with Pirate names for ourselves. From left to right we have:
Traitor Curloin, Black Magpie & Cut-throat Blondie!

We saw this in a charity shop on the way home. We weren't quite brave enough to buy it & watch it!

A platform of sorts going down to one of the sluices leading to the old mill beside the Kelvin.

In the morning we had fashioned paper boats to sail, which we now took out & readied for their maiden voyage. 

Rachel and I adding flowers and such to decorate our boats.

Launching our boats!

Relaxing at the old mill.

Staking our claim.

Just resting a wee bit!  I will confess - I was tired! Lots of walking!

Rachel & I are very fond of this cat. We see it when we take our recycling out. I decided to take its picture. Why not?

After dinner (Fajitas! Yum!) we watched the FABULOUS 1995 version of Persuasion (I  refuse to acknowledge the 2007 version, as it was complete rubbish. And for those ladies who fancy Rupert Penry-Jones, even his blonde loveliness cannot compensate for how dreadful an adaptation it is!). It doesn't have pirates, but it has nautical attire - and they sail paper boats in it as well. 


  1. Oh, but I disagree! That 1995 version of Persuasion was alright, but I just couldn't get into what she saw in him. I can see why you might not like the 2007 version, but I absolutely adored how snooty her father was and I actually felt at least a little swoony over the captain, unlike the other one. There were things I might have changed, but I still really like it! :-p haha! I'll have to rewatch the old one to compare again to be fair. It's been awhile.

  2. Jolly, jolly!! I love the paper boats.