Friday, June 29, 2012

Was that Tom Barnaby I saw?

After admiring the Roman ruins, we cast about for a place to eat. Some suggested a noodle bar. I didn't make much objection, but I really didn't want to eat at a noodle bar on such a day. Chris, the only other male besides our instructor, scampered down the road and poked his head into an old inn called "The Rose and Crown". He came out looking triumphant: no big TV's, no crowds of boisterous youngsters (football is on, after all!). The noodle bar was a ways off. The Rose & Crown was at hand. We chose the latter.

Stepping in, I felt I was going back a good hundred years. On the right-hand of the door, was a large, comfortable room with an enormous fireplace, with old cooking implements standing by, like in a museum. The ceilings were timbered, and all. We ate in the left-hand side, which was almost as charming (though no large fireplace, and there was a TV in the corner, after all). There were a couple fliers up for a mid-summer celebration (or something like that), and the list seemed to include a lot of morris dancing, and heel-an-toe (which I thought must be a variation of the may-song I know called 'hal-an-tow'). And I suddenly felt as though I was in a cosy episode of 'Midsomer Murders' which was a delightful feeling.

Some of us shared a Spotted Dick for pudding. It was delicious! Served warm with hot custard poured on top. I think I must learn how to make it myself.

I was delighted by this crooked medieval building!

Outside the Rose & Crown

On our way back to the train station. There were many such buildings on this particular road.

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