Friday, June 22, 2012

John O' Groats & other things

This is the last post of my trip up north. After walking along by Duncansby Stacks, we drove a short distance to John O' Groats. Of course, I kept thinking of the line from the song Sound the Pibroch: 'fae John o' Groats tae Isle of Skye'. It was relatively full of tourists - and there is an official sign-post by which you can take pictures - for a fee. But Rachel knew of another one leading down to the water by which we took pictures. They are re-vamping the whole area, so the museum was empty, which was a shame. 

After visiting John o' Groats, we made our way home, but with a few stops on the way: David O. McKay's father's house (now just a ruin, sadly), and a very intriguing derelict church. The roof had fallen in, so we didn't want to go inside, but we walked around the outside and peered in. What intrigued me was the fact that the bell was still in the tower. If we were in an earlier and more industrious age, people would have taken it first and melted it down for other uses, or sold it, or used it for another church. Or perhaps people are suspicious to take it...

Probably no-one cares, and that is the saddest of all.

The ruinous McKay house. It was on private property, so we couldn't get closer to it.

This Morris Minor was by the house where we pulled over to take a picture of the McKay house. I had to take a picture!

The two doors reminds me of the church I saw in Islay - two separate congregations in one building. I wonder if the same thing was going on here?

I decided to take the rest of the pictures in B&W.

Can you see that the bell is still there?

The War Memorial in Reay. Rachel's mum's car is in the background.


  1. That church is SO awesome! I have never seen one quite like it!

  2. Love the B&W photos. Awesome Morris Minor! I don't remember you telling me about the church on Islay--how interesting. So this church is a total ruin? How sad. You know, someday you should gather all of your war memorial pictures into one photo album :)