Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Verulamium and St Albans as towns must have overlapped, as I believe the ruins of Verulamium are within St Albans. There is some evidence that Verulamium functioned as a town well into the 400, after the collapse (and withdrawal) of the Roman Empire. In a lush, green park, we found the traces of the thriving Roman town.

This is the old pub which I put in my previous post. It was near an old mill - thus the water.

Mill lade! Reminds me of the old mill in Glasgow.

It's not a clear picture, unfortunately - a mother duck on her nest.

A white duck! It reminded me of New York.

Isn't this wee fellow delightful? I'm wondering it it's a baby moorhen?

A moorhen. They were everywhere!

Ooh! Looks like a Roman wall to me! 

Glorious tree!

Looking back towards the cathedral. This is where the town was.

A bit of surviving mosaic!

The amphitheatre. 

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  1. Ooh, I adore Roman mosaic floors! It's my dream to have at least one in my house. :-) I remember the one in Bath of the mythological creature - half horse half fish. I always loved that one!