Thursday, June 7, 2012

On the Subway

I went to a friends house in Govan, and took the subway (not the ferry this time!) and saw some interesting things while on it that I thought I should capture with my camera.

A poster for Moonrise Kingdom in the subway. A fabulous film! 

A view of the subway system, with an ad about Gaelic above it! 

A bottle of Buckfast! Must have been left there by some Neds!  (look up Buckfast online - it mentions Glasgow quite a lot!)

The doors, and a glimpse of the opposite subway cars.

Rachel & I love going to the cinema - a lot!


  1. Very interesting article on Buckfast--who knew? What a great post, Mairi! But then I'm a big subway fan.

  2. Neds! Hahaha! I remember that. It's the Scottish version of English Chavs! I had a fun conversation with my friend's husband. He went on his mission to England and he seemed so relieved to learn that I knew what chavs were! heehee!