Thursday, June 14, 2012

Traveling North

On Monday, after work, Rachel & I made our way to the city centre to catch a bus up to Thurso. The journey was broken up, which I think helped it go faster. An hour to Perth, and then from Perth to Inverness was about two hours, and then from Inverness to Thurso was about three hours. Quite a long journey - I've certainly never been as far north as Thurso before (which is almost as far north as you can go on the mainland). Rachel told me that you could see Orkney from Thurso, and I thought she meant distantly and mistily, but no! You can see it very clearly, and it doesn't look far away at all!

Before going to Reay (which is where Rachel & her family live - about a ten minute drive from Thurso - we went out for dinner, with Shonaidh (Rachel's mum) treating us all to a lovely meal.

Shonaidh, myself, Rachel & Alice at the restaurant.

Rachel & Alice

Sorry. I went a little crazy taking pictures of their cat Molly. She was awfully sweet, and reminded me of Gypsy, though she was much better behaved than Gypsy!

One of my favourite pastimes while living in NY was to take pictures of cats. So you can't blame me, really. It's due to cat withdrawal. 

Molly's face is a bit blurry, but I liked this photo.


  1. Not too hard to be better behaved than Gypsy! :) I like the blurry picture, too.
    I'm so excited that you got to go so far up north-- and see Orkney (if even from a distance). Rachel's family rocks!!

  2. That sounds like it was a lovely trip! How do you say her mother's name?

  3. The name is pronounced "Shona" :) Love the pictures Mairi!!