Tuesday, June 26, 2012

St Albans

After playing with bones for awhile, we took the train over to the medieval town of St Albans, named after St Alban, the first British martyr, who was born in the nearby Roman town of Verulamium.

St Albans is a charming, beautiful town full of 14th and 15th century buildings, and a beautiful cathedral.

The market area.

Look at that building!

Medieval heaven.

The clock tower

The Cathedral. Apparently the longest nave in England. It was closed, unfortunately, but we walked all around it, and the whole time we wandered about, they were ringing the bells. It was magic.

An old dovecote, but it's been an inn for a long time, as Cromwell (and his horse) both stayed here.

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  1. "Medieval heaven" for sure!!!! That place is FABULOUS!! I need to go there!!
    You can tell that nave is VERY long. The old inn is wonderful. And those old streets and houses!! Lucky you!