Saturday, July 28, 2012

Lunching in a Roman Bath

A railway bridge we walked beneath. I thought it was covered with trees, but on the way back we saw a train going across, and I waved to the conductor - and he waved back! It was fabulous!

Rachel & I decided to walk to Milngavie on Wednesday, via the Kelvin Walkway. The instructions we had printed out were faulty (or we read them wrong) and we lost the Kelvin Walkway just outside Bearsden. So, we walked along Maryhill Road towards Bearsden. We saw signs for a Roman Bath house, and decided we would have our lunch there. We had brought sandwiches, fruit, crackers and other such things for a picnic lunch. 

We explored the ruins of the bath house, and had a lovely, leisurely lunch (in the shade, by the old Roman latrine!) and enjoyed relaxing for awhile before we walked back. The original plan had been to walk to Milngavie then get the train home, but we decided instead to just walk back and be home in plenty of time to get ready for institute. 

All in all, it was probably a 8.5 mile round trip journey. And a very pleasant one too!

Sitting in a Roman bath!


  1. How fun! Picnic in a Roman bath. Love the pictures of you and Rachel together!

  2. How exciting! Sure wish I had exciting places to walk to! I'm so glad you're officially trying to go on more "walks!"