Saturday, October 20, 2012

Sunday Antics!

So, I feel like we're quite boring in the states. In both Utah and NY, when a girl leaves primary and joins Young Women (when she turns 12), we usually welcome her gently, give her the Personal Progress books, and call it a day. Not so here! They put on a show - so-to-speak. I've been told of a time that the young woman has been crowned, and carried on her chair from the primary room to the YW room. Wow! On Sunday (my first Sunday as YW Pres.) my 1st councillor put together some things: a graduation hat & 'gown' (i.e., bin bag!), a scroll, a chocolate bar, and other such things. The young women each chose something and went to the primary room & presented Phillipa (Patsy's daughter) with all these things. It was great fun!

Pippa (Phillipa) joining Young Women.
 This Sunday was also Patsy Dinner. So of course, there was lots of good fun! Patsy made some moustache chocolates for her upcoming Halloween party (can't wait for that one!) and gave one to Kirsty (who is mad keen on moustaches lately). Also got some pictures of Miranda & Pippa doing some amateur theatricals. Always a good time at Patsy's! 

Kirsty & her moustache in Patsy's kitchen. Scott (Patsy's husband), in the background, is doing dishes. 

The amateur theatricals! I'm not really sure what they were acting out. Some of the things that Patsy's daughters get up to remind me of things I used to do when I was wee. Such fun!

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  1. Oh, someday I hope I can come to a Patsy dinner. And Pippa is so cute!!