Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Return to Ghosty Linlithgow!

I decided that one of my new Halloween traditions had to be to go to the ghost tour put on at Linlithgow palace every Halloween. It was a shame that James & Alice - Rachel's siblings - couldn't come again this year. But Dovile came along, and it was very good! I was not disappointed. In fact, the tour seemed a shade more serious than it was last year, which was definitely an improvement. 
(if you're curious to compare, here is a link to my post last year about the tour: http://mairiglasgow.blogspot.co.uk/2011/10/ooooooh-ghosty-linlithgow.html )

It was a dark, dark night!

Getting scared!

I mean, excited! 

Who is the shadowy figure ambling towards us?

The palace, with atmospheric lighting.

A glimpse of empty rooms.

A plague doctor peering in at one of the windows. He haunted our steps for much of the tour.

The fountain as seen through cobwebs.

Preparing Agnes (the witch) for burning! I think it was this part of the tour that was not as light-hearted as last year, which indeed, it shouldn't be!


  1. Looks like you had a fabulous time!! I wish I could come!

  2. Well I suppose I should let you know my real name by now...haha

    Tis I! 'Agnes Bishop'. You'd think I'd have had enough of getting strangled to death but apparently not haha

    It's really great that you enjoyed the show again! The fact you thought it an improvement on last year is even better! Last year was kind of our tester as we'd never done Linlithgow before. So...since it was such a hit we got better effects and had a better idea of what sort of things to do to the poor unsuspecting audience members...lol

    Glad you could make it again! We also do the ghost walk at Culzean Castle every year so if you can make it down to that (the weekend following Linlithgow) its a really different experience!

    Thanks for coming along again though! :)