Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Mod: 1st Leg of the Journey

Donald MacLeod (commonly known as Donnie Maroot) - a member of the GG choir - gave me a lift ALL the way up to Stornoway, Isle of Lewis. We left about 11 in the morning. The trip up to Ullapool is about five hours, with another three hours on the ferry.

The ferry journey was interesting. We ate some dinner and then went to the bar where a bunch of various choir people (ours & others) were singing together - it was very nice. But it got increasingly warm, and the water was a little choppy & I wasn't feeling AT ALL well. Catriona was feeling the heat as well, so we went out on deck and froze for awhile before attempting the interior again. We didn't go back to the bar, and I spent the rest of the time with my head on a table! 

Donnie's mother picked us up from the ferry - she was SO kind and fixed us tea and put out a huge spread with biscuits and oat cakes and cheese and the like. And she put a hot-water bottle in my bed so that I would be warm enough at night. I was originally going to come up on Thursday, and was booked for a B&B Thursday & Friday night, but the lady I was going to ride with changed her plans, and so my plans changed as well, and I was able to stay with Donnie & his parents Wednesday night.

We met up with Catriona (left) at Ullapool. Two girls (obviously from choir & also from uni) drove up with her. The girls had bought themselves drinking glasses! Crazy!

My room at Donnie's parents.  I felt like I was in a hotel - or B&B - it was cozy and so nice. 

There was  even a little tray with teas and coffees and such!


  1. How nice of Donnie's family to put you up--it looks so cozy there! And the food sounds yummy!

  2. Oh! An electric kettle by the bed with tea! I feel absolutely transported!!!