Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Mod: Friday Competitions

So, Friday was the day of all our competitions! The men's choir sang at 9 am and not too long afterward the women sang. We won 2nd place in that competition (the 1st place winner was a group called Atomic Piseag (Atomic Kitten)! A lot of the day was spent in waiting around, but it was exciting. The complete choir sang The Puirt-a-Beul and then the big competition: what they called the "L&T" or the Lovatt, on which we also got 2nd place.

However, we DID get the highest marks on our Gaelic pronunciation, and so we were in the final concert in which only 1st place winners sang.

The men just after performing.

Part of our waiting was in a Gaelic classroom - there were other Gaelic posters, but this one caught my eye.

Waiting to hear the results...

Myself with Anne (blonde) and Christine (who ended up giving me a ride home).


  1. I love the picture of the men, and I love that Gaelic poster!

  2. Oh, how thrilling!! I'm so glad your choir placed. That is so exciting. I wish I could hear your choir. Any of the performances happen to be on YouTube?? :-)