Sunday, January 29, 2012

Chinese New Year - in Glasgow!

So, it came to light that Glasgow was planning a Chinese New Year party as well! Of course, Rachel & I went. And I am proud to say, that I think it was even better than the Edinburgh show! We had the same dancers (Mongolian chopsticks & all!) BUT we also had games, activities & workshops: Chinese writing, dumplings, sweet rice balls, etc. And it was a much more relaxed, familial atmosphere.

There were lots of darling Chinese children there (I'll have more of these)

The infamous Jim (quite a character) dressed up as a Chinese god (?)

Again, with Elder Miller

Some Chinese sweets.

Chinese writing.

Aw, cute little Chinese girls!

Some Glaswegian kids! The fellow on the left (Nathan) is eight. He's a tiny fellow who talks like he's forty.  I love this kid!

Tony & Jennifer (Jennifer is from Edinburgh ward) announcing the festivities!

I'm not the only one taking pictures of cute Chinese children!

Aw, look at this wee lad!

The Chinese (plus chinese elders) singing a song. Tony is in the checked shirt, next to Elder Miller, who is next to Carlos, who is next to Elder Lee. The girl in the red sweater is Han, and she's next to Annie (who does the dancing and whose husband owns a Chinese restaurant that provided the food), who is next to Jennifer. Those are the ones I know!

After the Chinese rain dance, two of the dancers played their violins -and they played Scottish tunes!

Rachel and myself.

Jennifer holding a wee Chinese baby.

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  1. Oh my gosh--such cute kids!! Well, I'm glad the Glaswegian version was even better!! Shows those Edinburgh folks, eh?