Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines FHE

We had a lovely Valentines Day celebration on Monday the 13th. We had spaghetti and a delicious cheesecake. After our meal & a lovely lesson, we made old-fashioned valentines, and I taught everyone how to do the fox-trot and swing-dancing as well!

Our lovely table setting.

Rachel & her valentine

Sis Hicks & her valentine.

my valentine!

Carlos & his valentine.

Han & her valentine, which folded up - very clever!

The other side of Han's valentine.

Ian & his valentine, which he wanted to look like a butterfly.

teaching swing-dancing

The Hicks dancing along.

Um, you need a partner for swing-dancing. No free styling here!

Ian took this picture - he always takes artistic shots!


  1. Looks like a super fun evening. Oh, my gosh--Sister Hicks!! As they say, it's a small world! Glad you got to do some real dancing! (I need a picture of Brother Hicks, too)