Saturday, January 29, 2011

Burns Supper!

On Thursday we had a Burns Supper at the church. It was a huge success!
Sister Nield and Rachel preparing the meal.
"And over here we have an enormous pot of potatoes."
making a second pudding at the church.
My first attempt at a boiled pudding: Cloutie Dumpling (a traditional pud usually made at Hogmanay)

The Cloutie Dumpling. The bishop of the Glasgow ward was in the building and was passing and said, "Who taught you how to make Cloutie Dumpling?!" I was THRILLED when he said that, because I've never seen a Cloutie Dumpling in my life, so I felt as though I'd been successful.

The delicious haggis, waiting to be addressed and cut into.

William, addressing the haggis in a stirring and beautiful manner.

Everyone listening, and thinking about the wonderful meal of haggis, neaps & tatties to come!


  1. Oh, wonderful! Your cloutie dumpling looks yummy! Wish I could have been there!

  2. Hooray for neeps and tatties and haggis! I had my first of all three at a pub in Edinburgh. Yum! And good job on that pudding! It looks yummy. :-)