Saturday, August 4, 2012

My Birth-Day!

Rachel had taken the day off, and the first thing we did on my birthday was to go to the Hicks' for breakfast! This was a very nice treat. Sis. Hicks made  a lovely breakfast casserole, as well as toast and watermelon. We spent a couple of hours there, talking and relaxing (Bro. Hicks told a fabulous story about seeing Bigfoot!). Then they dropped us off on Byres Road, and Rachel & I walked to the Kelvingrove Museum.  Before going inside, I opened a great many of my presents. We sat on a bench outside the front entrance. We spent awhile wandering inside the museum as well - I discovered a new painting I hadn't noticed before - it's fabulous! 
I should have written the title down - it was called "The Brownie of ___" but I can't remember! Notice the witches in the sky? Isn't if fabulous?!

Aw, a wee stuffed fox!

Rachel looking quizzical.
After the museum, Rachel & I went out to lunch, at a place called "No. 1 Chocolate Factory". The food was amazing, and we both tried their fancy hot chocolate - which was literally liquid chocolate, and cream. VERY thick, rich and delicious!

Yum! Look at that chocolate!

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  1. I LOVE that painting!! Sheep and witches--what a combination. And the skeletal "Brownie" is pretty awesome, too! Glad you discovered it. I love the picture of Rachel with big specs--so pretty!