Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Dupplin Cross

Inside St Serf's church, spotlighted beneath a grand archway, stands the Dupplin Cross. This once stood overlooking Forteviot, and is in excellent condition. Not only that, but it is intact as one piece, which is rare. It dates from the 9th century.
As in so many churches, St Serfs was smashed up during the reformation. Amazingly, the archway above the Dupplin cross survived. This was probably original to the 12th century church.

A close-up. A man on horseback and, below, a line of soldiers.

Another close-up: hounds on the very bottom.

A popular image on Christian Pictish stones was King David - in this panel he is playing a harp.

Beasts - and a man? 

Soldiers and beasts again.

This was found in the churchyard - or below the floor of the church, or something. It is very worn, and is only a portion of a much larger stone, but indicates that there was medieval Pictish activity in this area.

Another view of the archway and the cross.


  1. That cross is amazing! I always get to sad thinking about all the destruction that happened during the reformation :(
    The carvings are really interesting. I love the King David, and the tall one with beasts on top and soldiers beneath. Lucky you!!

  2. Is a not a beast maybe a Bull , like the Mithra when he slays the bull, King David so they Pictish people would have been christian . great.