Friday, November 9, 2012

And...Halloween Itself!!!

It was a relief and a delight to have an easy-going non-party Halloween. I had my one class, and I met up with my friend Stacey, who gave me a Halloween gift. And even though I was working on an assignment most the day, I still felt sufficiently festive and jolly. 

In the early evening, Rachel & I carved pumpkins, and then we walked into town, to meet up with Kirsty. We drove with her to Shona's house (they both came to my birthday party). We ate pizza, watched "Hocus Pocus" had a delicious pudding make by Kirsty: a fabulous ginger cake with either cream or custard, and played "Stop the Bus" (my new favourite game!). It was a really fabulous evening. Good company, and nice and relaxing!

Halloween lanterns. The one from Stacey (left) and the one from Alice & Shonaidh (right).

Rachel's pumpkin (left), and mine (right).


  1. Love your lanterns and jack o'lanterns! What is Stop the Bus?

  2. I like the witch silhouette best of all! :D