Tuesday, November 6, 2012

FHE Halloween dinner

See, I told you I was crazy busy this Halloween! 

We had a great time, put up extra decorations, and enjoyed excellent food. I made my 'lambswool' drink. This is normally a Christmas thing, but as the Hicks and Josephine will be gone by then, I made it early so they could have some! 

Jolly Halloween signs. The top one is from Heather.

These masks are from Heather as well.

Elder Bayer trying on a mask.


Our yummy Halloween food!

The ghost mask was my favourite!

Rachel looking serious behind the ghost.

Josephine brought fake moustaches for the gents. This is Lars. He came ahead of his wife, and he's come to a few FHE dinners. He's a very jolly fellow. We just met his wife Spring yesterday and she is a super lovely person. 

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  1. Oh, looks like everyone enjoyed the masks! Aren't they fabulous? I love that you put them on the pumpkins--what a great idea!!