Monday, November 14, 2011

Guy Fawkes, and all that

The weekend after Halloween, an English friend of Rachel's came up for a YSA dance in Glasgow, and he spent part of the day with us. Rachel and I had made some cookies, and we enlisted his help to decorate them. Then, in the evening, they went off to the dance and I stayed at home and enjoyed a quiet evening! 

The next day Rachel, Victoria & I went into the city centre to see LABYRINTH - in the theatre! Oh, it was amazing to see it on the big screen. So many things showed up which you just don't notice on a TV screen. And of course, seeing a larger-than-life David Bowie was very nice too! That was Saturday the 5th, and in the evening, we all went back to the city centre to watch up the fireworks for Guy Fawkes -or- Bonfire Night, as it's called. 

Rachel had a jolly frosting "pen" we used to decorate with.
This is Rachel's cat.

We knew that Halloween was over, but we still wanted to do Halloween cookies!
So here's a jack-o-lantern (decorated by David, Rachel's friend)

This one is my cat! :)

And my jack-o-lantern!


  1. Labrynth on the big screen? How awesome is that! I LOVE David Bowie's hair in that movie! haha!