Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Library & Remembrance Day

So, as I always go the the 8th floor of the university library (where all the archaeology books live), I was very surprised one day to see my picture up on the wall! On the 8th floor, no less! I knew that I was in the new library info pamphlet, but didn't realise that they had made posters to put up in the library as well. I felt a bit vain, but I thought I'd take pictures and share with you all.
the wee poster as it looks in the library. I guess 'sign' is a better word than 'poster'

a close-up
Also, I took a picture of this for Remembrance day. I was passing a church (which, like the one on Byres Road is now used as a play house/ restaurant). I wonder if anyone ever notices it these days:
This is on the gate that surrounds the grounds around the church.


  1. Awesome--you're famous, Mairi!!
    That sign on the church gate is very poignant.

  2. No way Mairi! Are you all over the whole library?! That is awesome!!!

  3. Oooh! How exciting and thrilling to be in a cool poster/sign like that! Has anyone in your classes mentioned it? My only thrilling thing like that was to be in my museum's newsletter (Conner Prairie) posing as one of the villagers getting "married". haha!

    I really like that church sign. I hope people do still notice it. It's so beautiful.

  4. Oh, and I meant to mention that your hair is really cute in that poster. Do you get to keep one of the posters? heehee!