Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween: Patsy's Party

Every year, Patsy (the woman who feeds the YSA every fast sunday) has a Halloween party for her three daughters and all their friends. She invited the YSA to come as adult helpers, not that much help was required. Her Halloween party is a well-oiled machine.

There were quite a lot of kids, ranging probably from about six to fifteen years old. And they were rambunctious, but well behaved. I was impressed from beginning to end.

Decorations on the stage at church.

Ooh, a skeleton! 

The games & such played at the party.

One of the games - stick your hand in jello to extract a skull ring!

Patsy's middle daughter, Phillipa (called Pippa)

Patsy's youngest, Miranda.

Pasty's eldest daughter, Lydia, dressed as the Phantom of the Opera.

As Pippa was dressed as a flapper, I decided to make an old-fashioned picture of her.

Rachel, dressed as a giraffe!

Patsy showing off her Halloween socks!

My St Mungo costume. 

Some of the guests - from the Glasgow ward. 

Pasty's husband, Scott. She talked him into wearing a black turtleneck - to dress up as Steve Jobs. 

OF COURSE Patsy made amazing food - and loads of it too!