Thursday, October 7, 2010

Making Progress with the Cats

On Hillhead - the road that runs one block up from me - there is a lovely flat with quite a colorful front garden - the most prominent plant among them being large hydrangeas - one of my personal favorites. This front garden has a further claim on my affections: it houses two posh cats. These cats are both tabby cats (one of which has accents of orange in his brown tabby). Both of these "lovely wee cats" are quite substantial - if my own dear Gypsy is fat, then so are these fellows. And they both sport collars with little silver tags. Sometimes these tabbies promenade down to the library and back. I have tried several times to get them to sniff me. They usually turn up their noses at me, but yesterday one of them let me pet him! I was so intimate as to get a look at his name on his collar: Miller.

And today the orange and brown tabby turned and looked at me when I called "kitty, kitty". I feel I've made great headway!

They both remind me of a cat in one of my favorite childhood books: Mog, the Forgetful Cat
Just add a collar, and it's a great likeness of Miller