Sunday, October 10, 2010

Next Stop: Standing stones & Cairns

We walked through fields to reach these, many of the fields were full of sheep!

Carving on the standing stone
Another unusual feature of Kilmartin Glen is what they call the "linear cemetery" which consists of a more or less straight line of burial cairns.  Corresponding to these cairns are standing stones, also somewhat aligned.

Nether Largie South:
This is the oldest of the cairns. Originally it was was a much larger Neolithic burial chamber, but was modified in the bronze age, shaped into the round cairn characteristic of the era.

We were allowed to walk down into the chamber!

Inside the cairn


  1. Mairi this is sooo cool. I like that photo of you too.

  2. heeheehee! I've been to that site too! I'm so thrilled you got to go on this awesome field trip. Do you remember me begging you to go to Kilmartin? That's where those Kilmartin Tombstones are. Did you get to see those? Looks like you had lovely weather too. Love the pictures!

  3. what a dunce I am! I forgot that you'd been there. Now I remember that picture you sent me! I DID see them! My goodness, how exciting!

  4. I love that picture of you in your wellies! Although, was it seriously warm enough for a tank top (the girl in the background)? These pictures kind of remind me of The Graveyard Book, WHICH I FORBID YOU TO READ. YOU CANNOT READ IT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!!!