Thursday, September 13, 2012

Finds & Pirate/Archaeologist Party!

Again, I'm combining the 23rd & 24th of August (otherwise I'll never get through my field school pictures!). On the evening of the 23rd, we had a little 'workshop' which was mostly about the objects found at Castle Craig (though they did mention one of our finds!) and information about them - then we were able to come up and look at and handle these finds. It was very exciting. 
My find! Spindle whorl/loom weight (probably the latter)

Ewan showing us a special find from LAST year

Another view.

After seeing this, I felt I had to admit my find was a loom weight - it's so much more robust than this object.

Vitrified furnace lining.

This was our find from Dunning - a fragment of Pictish stone! 

Handle (of wooden drinking tankard) made like a barrel out of staves. Only 5 others have been found in Scotland, in what is known as 'Massive Style'.

Roman brooch - probably brass.

Roman glass. On the right is a droplet, which they would melt down and re-use.

On the evening of the 24th, we had a Pirates & Archaeologists theme party. Apparently they have a theme party every year! 

We had to make up costumes from what we had, or what we could get at Tesco. This is my hook!

My 'pirate' costume! Steve Driscoll told me that I looked like a friendly, Enid Blyton-esque pirate.

Tim. A nice, older fellow from America. His costume was quite brilliant.

Sabine & Alastair as pirates.

Myself with Marie, who was a parrot.

Some folks had gone to a party shop on the days we went on field-trip and were able to get proper pirate gear.

Some Indiana Jones-ish types (actually, they both had brought official Indiana Jones hats with them): Megan,  ? and Chris.

Ewan, being strange. He'd put those clips on his head and went around moving his head from side to side. Very odd.

Steve Driscoll as Bluebeard - with a peg leg.

I think he was dressed up as someone from Time Team?

I loved Natalia's costume - she was dressed up as Gordon Childe with his teddy bear!

Cathy, who does topographical survey, as a survey machine.

Heather, Meggan & Tessa

Julieann as a mattock!

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