Thursday, September 6, 2012

Medieval Fieldtrip: Abernethy Round Tower

Abernethy Round Tower dates from the late 11th C. It is in the Irish style - there are several round towers by or near churches, but only a few in Scotland. It was once believed that they were defensive, but recent research leads some to believe that perhaps they were mini churches themselves, which held shrines, and where kings or priests might stand above the people, and address them impressively. 
A small portion of pre-Christian Pictish stone.

A view from the top of the tower.

Looking down at the church from the tower.

On the top of the tower.

The bell.

In the doorway of the tower. The doorway was once much smaller, probably to make whoever was standing up here look more grand.

Some of the interesting stones in the churchyard.

Looking up at the tower.

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  1. Those carved stones are lovely! And the view from that tower is awesome!