Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sanquhar: Part One

Months ago I read an article about the oldest post office in the world being in Scotland - in a little town called Sanquhar, not that far away from Glasgow. Well, having always been exceedingly fond of mail, and with visions of "Larkrise to Candleford" in my head, I thought it would be a jolly place to visit. So, on the 6th of September, Rachel & I did just that! 

Before I go any further, I must point out that Sanquhar is *not* pronounced "San-kwhar" as I mistakenly supposed, but is pronounced more like "San-curr". Just so you know! 

I sent off ten postcards and one letter from this infamous post office!

We passed through James Boswell's hometown!

Ooh! The post office!

A certificate!

The post office.
An old inn.

The plaque on the old inn.


  1. Thanks for my postcard!! I *so* want to visit this place! I couldn't read the Burns plaque--just that he wrote something on the windowsill, but not what he wrote. I'm kind of sad that the Guinness certificate says UK and not Scotland!

  2. My name is sarah and i'm an illustrator. I'm looking for an image of the oldest post office in the world that i can use in an illustration for a magazine. I just wondered if i could use your photo to work with?
    If you go to my website you can see how i use photos in my work
    Hope to hear back

    1. Hello Sarah,
      I looked at your work online, it's very lovely! Yes, you may use my photo of the Sanquhar Post Office - may I see what you do with it? I'm very interested.

  3. Hi Mairi,

    Thanks so much for allowing me to use you'r photo and for your kind words!

    I will try and get it over to you once its done!...please do send me your email.

  4. Hi Mairi
    Would it be possible to use you photo (above) of the post office for publication in British Philatelic Bulletin. You can contact me at
    Kind regards