Saturday, September 8, 2012

Medieval Fieldtrip: Moncrieffe Hillfort

Moncrieffe Hill is not far from Elcho castle. It is now an enclosed park area, with signs and benches and the like - most of which seemed geared towards children. On the very top of this hill (and it was quite a walk!) once stood a hill fort.

The hill fort, or dun, was built on top of this hill in 'the Dark Ages' in post-Roman times. It is difficult to make out features of the structure, due to the long grass, but it does afford a sweeping view on all sides, which takes in Perth, and many other places. It is thought to perhaps be the same place as Monad Croib, where a Pictish battle was fought in 728!

There were various paths going up the hill - one was winding and leisurely, the other was very steep and went straight up the hill. I avoided it on my way up, but was following others back down and got quite skittish and fearful of falling on our way back. Steve Driscoll, who was descending in front of me, very kindly offered me a hand, which I took! I was very grateful for the assistance! 

A view from the top of the hill.

Enjoying the view.

The hill fort.

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