Thursday, September 20, 2012

Walking to Milngavie

You may remember that Rachel and I attempted to walk to Milngavie, but only made it as far as Bearsden. Well, this particular day (5 September), instead of relying on faulty online maps and instructions, we took the Glasgow A-Z guide, and made it all the way to Milngavie! (about 5 and a half miles) We walked along the Kelvin almost the entire way. It was so lovely!

Josephine had loaned me her ukulele, and I took it along and sang a few songs after we had lunch. It was a beautiful day, and a beautiful walk. We took the train back, as we didn't want too much of a good thing! 

Autumn is coming!

Rachel: "Do you want a picture by the tree?"
Mairi: "Yes, please!"

Heron! (I think!)

There was the huge tree/tree branch that had fallen over. It was lovely!

Our path! Ooh! Look at that!

Beside the Kelvin

Singing beside the river.

A lovely old sign in Milngavie.


  1. I bet that was a lovely walk! And I didn't know you played the ukelele! I don't think you've ever mentioned it. How fun!

  2. How picturesque! Can't believe that's just 5 miles from Glasgow! The Kelvin is beautiful! I'd love to walk that with you!