Saturday, September 1, 2012

Neolithic Perthshire Fieldtrip: part one

Monday was the day off during the dig. I wished it was Sunday, though I can't complain about that, as they allowed me to go to church (there is a branch in Perth). In any case, you had the choice of relaxing, or going on a fieldtrip. I chose the latter (I love a good fieldtrip!) 

The official name of the trip was: "The Neolithic Perthshire with a wee dram Fieldtrip" though we took some forays into medieval and post-medieval Perthshire as well.

'Tween Killin and Aberfeldy'. Needless to say, I had "Loch Tay Boat Song" on my mind all day!

Our first stop was Pitnacree round barrow. It's not much to look at - just a wee mound - nevertheless, it is a Neolithic, and built in 3 phases, including timber uprights, cremation burials, and finally, a standing stone, which is still on top of the mound. We clambered up to have a look at it.

The wee standing stone.
 Our second stop was Croft Moraig Stone Circle. This was a lovely place, near or in Aberfeldy, and though it is not a large, grand stone circle, it still has a special feeling about it. There is something unusual and appealing about standing stones. This too had phases of building and use, and interestingly enough the orientation and entrance of the circle was changed at some point. 
Croft Moraig Stone Circle

A lovely standing stone!

This is Daniel, one of the supervisors on the dig. 

We're always encouraged to 'hug a stone'. This is Chris, one of my class-mates.


  1. I can't BEGIN to tell you how AMAZING these pictures are!!!!! I love them!!! Thanks for posting--and KEEP posting!!! *hugs*

  2. Such a cute picture of you and the standing stone. Very interesting about the orientation and entrance of the circle being changed at some point. Any theories about that?